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At the end of September, the new Fifa game set, Fifa 18, was launched with the launch of a moving movie.

In the advertising film made by the Adam & EveDDB advertising agency, the world is fascinated by a new kind of football game created by Cristiano Ronaldo, a starfighter of the Spanish big club Real Madrid you can have him with FIFA 18 Coin Generator. The film tells AdAge .

This business is named El Tornado. The Tempus player cuts the ball into the air and strikes as he turns the ball into the opponent's goal. The trick is to AdAge, the advertising agency and brand sports game from EA Sports in Developed.

The campaign film starts with the situation where a group of young people are playing the Fifa 18 video game. One of the players makes the El Tornado move a goal after that time becomes a global phenomenon.

People all over the world try this trick. Cristiano Ronaldo himself, too, is experimenting with the movement during his training. He fails at first but later succeeds at the goal with El Tornado in an imaginary match.

The video also features other star players such as Spanish star Antoine Griezmann in French footballer Atlético Madrid and Englishman Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli 's trick Fifa 18 coin generator. His own version of the move is also presented by the well-known US basketball player James Harden .

In addition to sports, the film features Rap-duo Run Jewels , which features the song Mean Demeanor ( El Tornado Mix ).

The story of El Tornado does not end in the ad film. If a player demonstrates in the training field that he or she has the ability to do so, EA Sports may add a movement to the player's repertoire in the game itself.

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